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Creating Positive Energy in Your Home and Life, with Jacqualyn Jackson

Jacqualyn Jackson is the small business owner behind Investment Inspectors, LLC, who provides home inspections, home healings, and sound baths. Jacqualyn has embraced her multi-passionate personality by leaning into several of the things she loves to do: offering objective findings for people buying or selling a home, and in nourishing the more spiritual side of things in providing home healings and sound baths. I’m delighted to share how she’s woven these unique offerings into a single business that integrates with her personal values.

Jacqualyn mixes doing home inspections ahead of real estate transactions that are currently in process and helping people clear out any bad vibes or weird energy in their home. She also helps people who are about to put their homes on the market and want to better understand some of the fixes they need to make or things they need to do before they sell.

Infuse Your Home with Good Energy

In this interview, I’m really excited to be joined by Jacqualyn Jackson, who shares how she became interested in speaking to the spiritual side of caring for your home. We discuss how making a mindful choice for comfort can be applied to the environment you live in and how Jacqualyn learned how to help homeowners in that sphere. 

Building a heart-centered business is a strong motivator for Jacqualyn, so we discuss why it’s so important to prioritize holistic self-care right now. Jacqualyn is also a Certified Sound Bath Practitioner, and she shares how sound baths can help homeowners transition into their new space with peace and comfort. Holding space for yourself is so vital, and learning how Jacqualyn’s experience and intuition help her infuse a home with positive energy is a fascinating journey into bringing intentional comfort to your life. 

“When you feel joyful, even when the smallest things happen to you, sit with that for a minute, enjoy that light. Because we have to have a balance in our life of light and dark.” – Jacqualyn Jackson

Love and Gratitude Bring Joy

Welcoming people home both to their physical environment and to their spiritual well-being is a true passion of Jacqualyn’s, and it’s an honor to hear her perspective on how that allows her to jumpstart joy for others. In our conversation, we dive into how to mindfully build emotional fulfillment by taking the time to appreciate the small things in life and consciously express gratitude for them. 

Whether you’re planning a house move or just feeling like the energy in your home is feeling stale, then I’m sure that you’ll love Jacqualyn’s insights on resetting the vibe and creating new energy in your space.

In this episode, Jacqualyn and I talk about:

  • Jacqualyn’s early passions and why dance sparked joy in her as a child 
  • What led her to home inspections as a career and why she became so fascinated by the art of spiritual energy protection for homes
  • How Jacqualyn clears negative energy from a home
  • What people may notice if they have bad vibes in a house and what can they do if they feel like it’s energetically not right for them
  • Jacqualyn shares her interest in sound baths, what they are and how they work to help you ground yourself
  • The biggest problems that Jacqualyn sees with maintenance when she is inspecting a home 
  • Ways that people can create intentional comfort and peace for themselves, either in their home or for themself as an individual
  • Jacqualyn’s commitment to self-care as an essential aspect of her brand values and how she has set up her business to support her own and her clients’ comfort and joy
  • How to connect with Jacqualyn to hear more about home healing or home inspection 
  • The three ways Jacqualyn jumpstarts joy in her life, the world, and in other people’s lives — including listening to others, expressing love and gratitude, and shining your light in the world


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