Become A Wonder Seeker by Adding More Wonder, Magic, and Joy to Your Life with Andrea Scher

Andrea Scher has thrilled and inspired others for nearly twenty years through her award-winning blog Superhero Journal, her international workshops, her Creative Superheroes podcast, and her joyful e-courses. In this episode, we discuss Andrea’s new book, Wonder Seeker: 52 Ways to Wake up Your Creativity and Find Your Joy Today, and how and she describes why this is the perfect time to tune into the small things that bring you joy.

Become a Wonder Seeker

Engaging in “intentional comfort” is the theme of Season 7, and in this discussion with Andrea, we dig into how to put our attention on the things that enrich our lives and, through them, become more resilient. Learn why going off-script, ​​putting on your wonder goggles, and figuring out how to infuse more joy into your life is just a matter of refocusing your attention.

We dive even more deeply into cultivating wonder in this fantastic encore episode with Andrea. Her energy and explorative nature are such a joy, and she gives her unique take on how to notice when you’re feeling down and pivot towards seeking the wonder in your life. 

“Wonder is what I’m really excited about — helping people cultivate wonder and experience more of it, more wonder, more joy, more delight in their life, inside of the messiness that is life. So it’s not stepping over what’s hard, or what’s difficult, is actually moving toward those things when they show up. It’s moving toward everything that shows up; it’s being present with what shows up.”

Adding More Wonder, Magic, and Joy to Your Life

There is a strong connection between wonder and joy; they feed into each other to enhance our lives. The last 18 months have been a challenge for everyone, and Andrea shares where she found wonder and joy and how she made beautiful connections when the world slowed down. 

In this episode, Andrea and I talk about:

  • Why Andrea was inspired to write her book to inspire others to add more wonder and magic to their lives
  • What a Wonder Seeker actually is and how wonder relates to joy
  • Becoming braver and more resilient as you pivot your attention towards wonder and joy
  • How Wonder Seekers create comfort by being open-hearted and cultivating a spirit of kindness and love 
  • Some of the exercises in Wonder Seeker: 52 Ways to Wake up Your Creativity and Find Your Joy Today and why 144 is her personal favorite 
  • How Andrea sets intentions and the magic the practice can bring
  • How to move past the rigid routines of the last 18 months and embrace the magic and wonder your world has to offer
  • Andrea’s e-courses, retreats, and creative workshops, and how to find out more about her 
  • Three ways Andrea recommends to jump-start joy in your life, in the world, or other people’s lives?


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