Looking at 2021: Six coaches talk about handling the changes, transformation, and all the (messy) parts of 2020

Looking at 2021: Six Coaches Talk About Handling the Changes, Transformation, and All the Messy Parts of 2020

How do we welcome in a new year, after 2020 was full of so many difficult things? In this first interview of 2021, I’m so delighted to be joined by the five podcasters behind “The Best Parts Podcast:” Louise Neil, Nikki Baker Wulf, Laura Lively, Sara Doell, and Kim Romain. Their philosophy is that all parts of our lives are the best parts. I know that there is a really big desire to slam the door on 2020, and call it a dumpster fire. Instead, I want to focus on what is going on for each of us as we enter into a new year.

That said, there’s something that’s really juicy about the middle of all of this, because:

One: I don’t think all the problems that we’ve come up with and seen in 2020 are just going to end. We’ve already seen that that isn’t true.

Two: Much of the turmoil that’s been put into motion across the board is also going to stay in play. 

And so in this conversation, we talk about the parts and changes and upheaval that we saw in 2020 that we want to acknowledge, for ourselves and for all of us. Where have we seen transformation?

And, as coaches we each share something that has helped us in coping with the last year:

1. Nikki Baker Wulf – connecting with other people, and feeling human connection

2. Sara Doell – meditating daily

3. Laura Lively – keeping a gratitude journal, and reflecting on what you are proud you’ve done (and not done)

4. Louise Neil – reflecting on the small moments of your personal world, instead of focusing on the global impact of things. Embracing small things like walking your dog, sitting by a fire pit, and roasting marshmallow

5. Kim Romain- checking in on: what can I cope with manage deal with right now? Where am I right now? How do I feel right now?

6. Paula – focusing on what is next, and not allowing the fears to stop you (centering meditation helps)

We also talk about:

  • it’s ok to feel your feelings
  • we’re operating at a different capacity level right now in both energy and stress levels
  • why goals are better and more achievable than resolutions
  • how all of us jump start joy in our lives


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Photography of Paula, and the Best Parts team by Andrea Scher of Superhero Life