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Changing the Narrative for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Marketing with JinJa Birkenbeuel

This week on the podcast, I’m delighted to be talking about changing the narrative for small businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing with JinJa Birkenbeuel of Birk Creative and the Honest Field Guide podcast. JinJa and I had the pleasure of meeting at She Podcasts Live, and I truly enjoyed her sense of humor, realness, and her enthusiasm for podcasting. It’s a treat to have her on the show.

What I love so much about this discussion, which is part of the “Joy of Marketing Series” here on Jump Start Your Joy is that we dive into how to look at things with new eyes. Not only are we talking about how to change the narrative that you might have in your head (question the things you’re assuming are true for yourself), we’re also talking about how you can and should revisit past assumptions about how many of the digital marketing platforms work from time to time.

Changing the Narrative for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Marketing with JinJa Birkenbeuel

JinJa shares a great story in this interview about LinkedIn, and how she’s found it to be a great tool for business. JinJa was leading a workshop recently for professionals in the wedding industry and many of these women (like myself) had written LinkedIn off as a place primarily for job searches and remaining in contact with past colleagues. LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities for people to share about their business, meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and find clients. Plus, the availability of LinkedIn automation tools like the ones you can find in helps replace the manual efforts required in networking.

Changing the Narrative for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Marketing with JinJa Birkenbeuel

In this episode, JinJa and I talk about:

-Her early love of candy and the magic and freedom she felt going to the store to buy some each week with her friends
-How to help businesses keep up with the pace of change these days
-Coaching women and entrepreneurs in finding success in business
-How she is changing the the narrative for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
-Using LinkedIn for networking, connecting, and growing your business (more than looking for a job)

-How it’s sometimes uncomfortable to own your own expertise, and your own narrative
-Taking a good look at what motivates you and how much you really need
-Focusing on the conversation that’s at the heart of marketing no matter what medium you’re working in
-Finding what fits for you in marketing, regardless of what everyone else is doing
-Looking into how you can integrate your marketing tools with SugarCRM in order to achieve marketing automation — learn more about this here.
-Owning your introversion / extroversion
-The reality of being a solo-preneur and juggling so many things. (Automation is great, but it’s still hard to keep up).


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JinJa Birkenbeuel shares about her experience of working with people, and hearing their aha moments as they question the things they have assumed to be true for marketing in this episode of Jump Start Your Joy with Paula Jenkins. #podcast #entrepreneur #marketing