Francesca Hogi on Dating and Careers: It’s all Related to Love

Francesca Hogi on Dating and Careers: It’s all Related to Love

Francesca Hogi is a dating and career coach, 2 time Survivor contestant, and a lawyer. She and I met last year in Atlanta, and I loved her take on life and love, and very much wanted to get the chance to chat with her more about the crossroads of joy and relationships. More than anything, I love that the heart of her work is all about love: how to find it in relationships, and how to find love in the work you do. We had a fun and light filled discussion and I feel so grateful that she joined me this week.

Inspiration: Follow Your Heart to Find a Career You Love
As a young person in middle and high school, Francesca Hogi says she was always interested in relationships, and was often the person that friends went to with questions about dating and crushes. It makes sense, in many ways, that she found her way to becoming a dating coach, even though she didn’t follow a linear path to get there.

One of the things I found inspiring, and very much worth noting about what Francesca shares in this episode, is that for a long time, Francesca Hogi believed that “everyone” had the same kind of interest in dating and giving relationship advice that she did. She assumed that this was an interest shared by others, and even dismissed for awhile that it was a unique ability that she had because it came so easily to her.

Francesca Hogi on Dating and Careers: It’s all Related to Love

Many guests, and past clients have shared similar reflections about how they arrive at doing work they love: that they assume it’s something everyone already knows how to do. So often our greatest gifts are the things that come easy to us, and that we overlook or dismiss it as a career path because we assume it’s easy for everyone.

In this episode Francesca Hogi and I talk about:

-Her early love of reading, and not knowing what she wanted to be for a career
-Working as a lawyer
-How she was interested early on in relationships and dating
-Attending the Match Making Institute
-How baby steps brought her to become a match maker, and later a coach
-Becoming an entrepreneur
-Advice for finding the right relationship
-Celebrating our “unconscious genius”
-Aiming for contentment and joy in a relationship, and looking at what you prioritize in finding a partner
-Jumpstarting your joy by talking to strangers, taking a social media break, and keeping a gratitude journal

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Dating and career coach Francesca Hogi joins host Paula Jenkins on the podcast to talk about careers and relationships and the thing that links them both: Love! #podcast #dating #work