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How To Take the Action To Create What You Wish Existed

Have you heard about Headbands of Hope? It’s an amazing company that sells headbands, and, for every headband sold, they donate one to a child with cancer. It’s a beautiful example of an intentionally crafted company that’s taking meaningful action to make an impact in the lives of children. Started by Jess Ekstrom, when she was just 22 (and working out of her dorm room), I found myself inspired by the fact that while the company is fairly simple in its structure, it has a huge impact on many lives.

Here’s what Jess has to say about her company, in her own words:

“I saw a need that wasn’t being met so I wanted to create a business that filled a gap. To me, there’s a lot of fancy words surrounding entrepreneurship. But at its core,.”

I am delighted by the fact that Headbands of Hope is fiercely focused on a single product that ultimately brings joy to a child – it’s simple, AND profoundly impactful. So many entrepreneurs want to do something similar: create a business that helps others, and that aligns with their own joyful interests. It was a real treat getting to have Jess on the show and to hear her talk about her approach to this business she loves so much.

entrepreneurship is just the action to create what you wish existed

How can you do something simple that will make an impact? Let’s take a look.

Inspiration: Jess created her business based on what she wished she existed, but couldn’t find.

What have you noticed in your life that feels like a place where you’d like to make a difference?

Where has your heart noticed a need that’s going unmet in your family, your town, or your wider community?

Intention: Set the intention to get curious about where this heart tug is coming from, while also asking yourself: What’s the simplest thing you can do to bring this thing to life?

Action: Allow simplicity to be the focus here … what can you do, today, to bring this intention to life? Jess talks about the Google search she did to see if a company already existed, and, in our discussion mentions that she took direct inspiration from the Toms shoe company to create a business of her own. What are the things that you see around you that you can use to lead to your own action? List these out for yourself, and make a move.

So what’s fueling your heart right now, and what do you think you could add to your day today to make that thing a reality in your life?

With joy,


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