Creating an Inspiring, Actionable, and Joy-filled Bucket List

Creating an Inspiring, Actionable, and Joy filled Bucket List with host Paula Jenkins

Ah the bucket list. The idea came up over a decade ago, and it’s meant to be inspiring and lofty, and so many people have adopted the practice of keeping a bucket list for those things they would like to do in their lifetime.

In this episode, I’m going to share where I think the Bucket List trend isn’t that great, and what I feel is a better approach to making these all these dreams you have come to life.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing in this episode on how to create a joy filled bucket list:

Bucket List with Paula Jenkins
  • How Bucket Lists got their start
  • What the term “Bucket List” means, and where the saying came from
  • How to create a joy filled bucket list
  • Why I like “Life List” better as a term
  • Why your list might not be working as well as you’d like, and how to change that
  • Creating an Inspiring, Actionable, and Joy-filled Bucket List
  • How to set an intention for your Bucket List (what the point of the list?)
  • How to leverage mindfulness in determining what goes on your list
  • What to do if you begin to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things on your list (and question where half of them came from)
  • How to begin living your Bucket List, and seeing the goals you’ve put into play come to life.


Ten in Three Worksheet

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The Bucket List (movie) from 2007 (on Amazon)

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Learn how to set up a bucket list that is inspiring, meaningful and one that you will take action on. Podcast host Paula Jenkins does a great job of explaining the key things to consider when creating your bucket list. #bucketlist #podcast #inspiredlife