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Joyful Things Friday – A List of Things to Delight You

Happy December! I’ve been mentally gathering a list of joyful and inspired things recently. Maybe you need a little inspiration? A dash of joy? A bit of mindful intentional happiness? Well, you my friend are at the right spot.

I can’t get enough of Season 2 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Released on Amazon (which you get included with a Prime membership), it came out December 5th. First, Rachel Brosnahan is amazing. She is beautiful and funny and her timing and cadence is impeccable. And, episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Season 2 are magical.

Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and The Way Forward by Gemma Hartley left me nodding through the first chapters, wondering how someone got into my head and articulated thoughts that I figured just sat with me. Turns out, lots of women are “fed up” by having to handle all of the invisible things on a to do list in relationships. There’s a lot of ahas in this new book.

A sweet story about an 8 year old who has been feeding crows in her back yard has delighted many people and won my heart.

Schmiddt’s Jasmine Tea deodorant might seem like a weird thing to share with internet strangers, but guys! The smell is spot on with a pretty smell of, well, Jasmine Tea that takes me back to delicious food at the Far East Cafe in San Francisco with my family as a little kid. It’s so refreshing to smell like something pretty and soothing and not overpowering and fake, and that has all natural ingredient. I love it!

Greenbox Weed Delivery might seem to be a little out of box option for people who have never tried their hands on some greens. But trust me guys, it could bring you the dash of joy you need for Friday nights and also to wade off your Monday blues.

My sister introduced me to the wonder that is Fab Fit Fun, a subscription box that is sent quarterly. I’ve gotten two boxes so far and both have surprised and delighted me, and gone well beyond expectations. At $49 a box it’s not cheap, that said, the value in each box is usually around $300. I’ve been really amazed by getting high end beauty products from companies like Oribe, Ahava, Tarte, and Grown Alchemist. Want to give it a try for $10 off? Give this link a try.

Looking for space to plan out your next year using a heart centered approach? My dear friend Christy Tending is leading a workshop to “Plan Your Sacred Year” on December 18.

I also adore this great list of holiday gifts for heartfelt people and entrepreneurs over on Michelle Ward’s When I Grow Up site. Or, find gift guides for everyone in your life over at Young House Love (and check out how they painted their house white while you’re there.)

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Find more joy in your life with this fun list of things to do, read, see, buy and experience from joy expert Paula Jenkins. It's a great quick read with fun ideas. #joy #fun #inspiration