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Ep149: Heather Chauvin on Sustainable Ambition and How To Be a Mom in Control

As the host of Mom is in Control, and the amazing “Dying to be a Good Mother” Tedtalk, I’m thrilled to have Heather Chauvin joining me this week to talk all about abundance, ambition, time management, and how she found her way to a career she loves after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Heather is a true inspiration, and I’m delighted to feature her as the last guest for Season 3.

Heather Chauvin on Sustainable Ambition and How To Be a Mom in Control

Heather was working as a mental health social worker supporting children and families and learning about how children react and respond in traumatic situations. She loved her work, but realized (like so many guests articulate) that she hit a point where she could not do it anymore. “I love helping people,” she says, “and I knew there was something more.”

Heather started working with parents with the point of view that “it’s not about fixing anybody, it’s about becoming somebody.” She works with people who are overwhelmed and have succumbed to the busy-ness of life, which is so infectious and seeping in everywhere in our lives.

The way out of the busy-ness and the overwhelm?
To embrace mindfulness about what’s going on in your life.
To focus on how you want to FEEL, and let that lead your decisions.

For Heather, in the midst of her battle with cancer, she decided she wanted to feel alive, and in the same moment realized that she didn’t really know how to experience joy.

And she slowly found her way back to herself, and to joy, by focusing on that core desired feeling, which led her to go for walks, and call friends who brought her joy.

What I love about this conversation with Heather is how she focuses on Action, both in her life and in her coaching.

Heather breaks out the five key aspects of creating a plan for taking action:

  • Mindset – how do you want to feel?
  • Beliefs – keep saying “I can,” and don’t allow the “can’ts” to rule your day
  • Thoughts – ask yourself “What do I want? What do I crave? What do I desire?”
  • Action – taking action, instead of sitting in inaction
  • Reality – the things above will shape your reality

In this episode, Heather and I talk about:

  • Her path from working as a social worker to becoming a coach
  • How researching mindfulness and meditation for her son impacted her life
  • Living as an introvert disguised as an extrovert
  • Working with parents who feel overwhelmed and without resources
  • How to get in touch with your core desired feelings, and why you need to
  • How to make a plan and take action on how you want to feel in your life
  • Parenting from the green zone
  • Being a flexible parent
  • Her podcast, Mom is in Control
  • How to jump start your joy: giving back and being in service to others, Asking what you want, what you crave, and what you desire


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