Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel

Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel

This week, I’m thrilled to be speaking to Violeta Nedkova on how to embrace the life of a creative rebel. Violeta is a coach and a creative rebel who believes you can stop following everyone else’s rules, be your own boss, and do things your own way … and make a living doing it. She offers courses, coaching, and classes for creative rebels at her website,

Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel


Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel

Living in Bulgaria, Violeta and I met during the 2018 Multipassionate Must-Haves, where we were both participants. I could tell by visiting her site that we’d get along famously, and I’m thrilled to have her on the show this week. I think you’ll love her rebel attitude, and the fact that she truly embraces the ideology that there are no rules in building a business.

How it fits in to the tenets of joy: Action

Violeta and I talk a lot about what it means to be a creative multipassionate entrepreneur. Many of us get stuck as we try to narrow down what to focus on, and how to make that into a business. It’s not easy, especially when you have so many interests, to narrow them down.

“If you’re a multi-passionate,” says Violeta about marketing, “How can you niche down? Go with an umbrella brand.”

What she recommends is to see your business and your life as a puzzle, and approach both as if you are collecting the pieces. The key here is action. Look for the next piece of the puzzle, follow the nudges you have to find what interests you, and give yourself the space and permission to build the picture as you go. Our conversation takes a very interesting turn near the end, when we talk about how resistance and exploring the things that piss us off can both be a way to get in touch with the things that matter, and the things we want to change or work on in the world.

Violeta Nedkova and I talk about:

  • Why most creative types resonate with rebellion
  • How creativity is an act of rebellion itself
  • Violeta’s path to becoming a creative coach for rebels
  • What it looks like to strive for “enough” for yourself, instead of making someone else’s ideal your goal
  • Creating a brand that encompasses all of your ideas as an entrepreneur
  • Looking at life and your work as a puzzle, one that we are collecting the pieces of to discover our larger picture and purpose
  • The role of resistance and discomfort, and how that can help create focus, or distract from, the creative process
  • Her earliest sparks of joy: playing with fairies, making up games, and stories
  • How to jump start your joy: gratitude, doing something just for you, and doing things her own way

Violeta Nedkova’s website
Violeta Nedkova’s podcast: Rebel Reset

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If you've ever wondered if it's possible to make money running a creative, multipassionate business, this episode is for you! Violeta Nedkova speaks with host Paula Jenkins all about being a creative rebel. #creativity #podcast #joy