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Ep103: Copywriting, Confidence, and the Joy of Entrepreneurship with guest Jorden Roper

This week, I’m so excited to have the first guest of Season 3 joining me – Jorden Roper of Writing Revolt and Cut Throat Copy is here to talk about her writing career, being an entrepreneur, and working with other writers and bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. In this episode, Jorden joins me to talk about copywriting, confidence, and the joy of entrepreneurship.

What I know you’re going to love about Jorden is her no nonsense-ness, her straight forward advice, and the way she cuts to the heart of things to get her business, her voice, and her story out to her audience. I first ran into Jorden’s work earlier this year and was really motivated by her upbeat and straightforward way of doing business, along with solid tips and content she is putting out for free. I really wanted to get to meet her, and I’m so honored to have her on the show to share a bit of her wisdom with you.

Ep103: Copywriting, Confidence, and the Joy of Entrepreneurship with guest Jorden Roper

In this episode, we talk about:
– How to start a business doing what you love
– How being a problem solver is a great way to stand up to resistance
– Creating a plan of action without perfectionism
– The joy of being a freelancer, and why it’s a great fit for writers
– What happens when you remain in a toxic work environment
– Embracing fear as part of the process
– Serving others as part of a business model
– Becoming comfortable with growth and change as a entrepreneur
– Copywriting, confidence, and the joy of entrepreneurship
– Creativity can be a self care option
– Why you should niche down in your business

Joyful inspiration from Jorden: Choosing Joy
Here’s where my heart lit up in speaking with Jorden (and while getting to “know” her from her online presence) – she’s extremely empowering and provides a great example of what happens when someone chooses joy. She and her fiance were both laid off on the same day that she was diagnosed with skin cancer. A series of events such as this are often enough to push someone into a tailspin, but instead (as Jorden notes) it acted as the inspiration for her to really throw herself into her business, to be curious about how to make it work, and to start putting one foot in front of the other. She openly talks about this part of her story, and I find her openness inspiring as well. It’s very easy to get caught into the trap of thinking that people we follow or run into on the internet have it all figured out, or that they got to where they are now easily. By sharing her back story, Jorden is also sharing that things are not always that simple, nor are what they might appear at first glance.

Copywriting, Confidence, and the Joy of Entrepreneurship with guest Jorden Roper

Creativity as Self Care
I also really appreciate that she talks about balance of finding the thing that resonated with her from a creative and a business perspective, or in her words, that “Creativity can be a self care option.” For Jorden, that’s her YouTube channel. In working on a business, it can be hard to find a way to promote oneself that doesn’t feel gross or limiting. I’ve discovered (through doing this podcast) that when you find the RIGHT thing, marketing can be an extension of your creativity, and easy. If it’s hard, you won’t keep with it. If it’s not the right fit, it won’t feel right, and you won’t want to keep doing it. When it feels like play, though, then you will want to keep it up. It’s a matter of finding that balance, and I love that Jorden shares about her journey with YouTube and how it’s turned into something that energizes her and inspires her.

Resources for this episode:
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