Ep94: Find and Share Your Voice, Live Your Purpose with host Paula Jenkins

This week, I’m doing a solcast about how to find and share your voice, live your purpose. It’s one of those things I’m super passionate about, and I can’t wait to share my insights, many of which are at the heart of my podcasting class and journey.

What I’ve found to be true about finding your voice is that it can be elusive, it can feel really hard, and it can feel like there are a lot of “shoulds” on how to do it. What I share this week is that it’s easier than many of the “gurus” tell you. I’m not going to talk about nicheing in, or finding your ideal customer, or what brand name you should consider. No, I’m here to encourage you whole-heartedly in looking inward to find what drives you, what you’re passionate about, and why that thing is THE thing that will inspire you and lead you to your voice and purpose.

Find and Share Your Voice, Live Your Purpose

The month of July is all about Finding Your Voice, and so I’m dedicating this show to looking at 6 ways that you can find your voice and live your purpose.

In this episode, I share the following:
1. It might be easier than you think …. let it be easy
2. You probably know more about the message and your voice than you are giving yourself credit for
3. Start with whatever feels like the obvious thing
4. If you feel lost or not sure where to start, go back to what you know
5. Passion over perfection
6. It’s your own message and you can do whatever you want with itDiscover 6 ways to Find and Share Your Voice, Live Your Purpose with life coach and podcasting host Paula Jenkins. Save for later and click to listen now. www.jumpstartyourjoy.com/episode94

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