Discovering More Money and More Happy

Ep86: Discovering More Money and More Happy Right Now with guest Sarah Von Bargen

This is the third week of May’s “Finding What Fits, and I’m thrilled to have Sarah von Bargen joining me today! The theme for May is “Finding what Fits;” where we’re taking a look at how to find what feels right for you in career, money, and life. You may know Sarah from her inspiring “Yes and Yes” blog; and what you may not know is that she’s recently launched a “More Money More Happy” bootcamp, where she shares how to create a relationship with money that leads to well, more money, and more happiness. She shows you how to find a reliable bitcoin system review before you invest, how to get a business idea off the ground and maybe which are the best areas to invest in, ways you can be more frugal, which online gambling sites are the best (click here to find out more) and much more! This episode is all about discovering more money and more happy, right now.

Discovering More Money and More Happy

Sarah shares all about how her blog, Yes and Yes became popular, and how she found her way into what fits, as far as a career in blogging. Initially, she created her blog to fill a gap in what she saw was missing in the blogosphere: something with a bit of everything, and a site that was smart and funny.

Some of what she’s shared about on her blog is about her travel and her life, which she has did on a modest income. To some outsiders, it seemed that she must have had a trust fund, or other income, but Sarah was covering her expenses based on her own understanding of saving and making intentional choices with her money. She realised that her philosophy on finances was different than that of many people, and recently began sharing this on her blog. To live a lifestyle similar lifestyle to Sarah, some invest their money on the stock market, buying shares like the Taylor Wimpey shares. Investing in stocks allows people to earn a decent income as well as travel at the same time as trading can be done from anywhere. Whether at home, in an airport, or even a hotel room, it’s a pretty easy way to make money!

What I loved about this interview with Sarah was her stating that “we all think that what we do is normal, and we don’t think that it’s interesting, or special, or noteworthy.” She also talks about keeping things simple. When trying to make more money for yourself, it is so important to keep things simple. Otherwise, it can all get too complicated and people could start losing money. There are so many ways of making money these days, so people should be able to find a method that works for them. For example, one of Sarah’s friends uses this xe88 download to make herself some money. That online casino application allows people to make themselves quite a significant amount of money if they play their cards right. Perhaps more people should consider looking into that method.

However you choose to do it, keep things simple. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes, the things that we think are easy for us are actually the same things that are not easy for everyone else. In simple terms, we are born with what fits for us, and the hard part is uncovering it. For Sarah, it’s in the case of money and blogging, for you it may be something very different. For me it’s podcasting and being a project manager. These things are easy for me, and they fit. Figuring that out, and making my livelihood around them is a way of honoring what fits for me.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Yes and Yes got started, and why Sarah feels it was successful
  • Why being more strategic about what she posts feels right, as the blog has grown
  • What’s worked for Sarah as she’s grown her blog (and how she’s found what fits)
  • The funny top viewed posts on both of our blogs
  • That it’s “really important to create content you like and is important to you” and how to use that tip to increase your own blogging audience
  • Why she’s chosen to list 25 things each year that she wants to try and write about
  • All about her relationship with money and how you can make way less than most people think you need to travel and live an amazingly great life
  • How being comfortable with yourself and knowing what makes you happy equates to feeling better about how you spend your money
  • Two easy ways to start to look at your relationship with money, and finding ways to Modify your spending accordingly, and make better choices around the things you’ve marked as red
  • Why a purchase like a Roomba vacuum is a great purchase, and how much we both love ours
  • What balance looks like for Sarah (no alarm clock, and finishing her work before dinner)
  • Sarah’s thoughts on jumpstarting your joy: getting outside every day, pow wowing with pets, and asking people real questions

Sarah, thank you for sharing your voice, and your talents with the world, and for being a guest on the show. I’m so honored to have gotten to speak with you, and so glad that you’ve shared your unique-ness with all of us.

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