The Courage of Choosing Love

Ep79: The Courage of Choosing Love with guest Stephanie Dalfonzo

This week, as part of Courage Month, I’m speaking to Stephanie Dalfonzo. She’s a former celebrity DJ turned spiritual healer, working with clients to face their stress and anxiety, and to actively choose love and joy in their lives. She and I talk about the law of attraction, the vibrational nature of joy, she shares a quick breathing practice to help with anxiety, and we talk about how you can display courage in a million baby-step ways. I just loved it when she said “Courage doesn’t have to be that big.” Stephanie and I hit it off right from the start, and I love how we got to talk about the Courage of choosing love. I love our energy together, because as you’ll see we just have loads in common.

Choosing Love and choosing joy are two wonderful ways to stand up to fear, anxiety and stress. In this podcast interview, Stephanie Dalfonzo shares great ways to choose love, and learn to love yourself. Pin to save, and click to listen now.
The Courage of Choosing Love

I toyed with about 5 different titles for this episode, from choosing joy, to facing your fears, to waking up to your own breath. Speaking with Stephanie was a bit like speaking with someone I felt I’d met before; she and I are so like minded. We talk about choosing joy in stress filled or anxious times, we connect over how to be mindful of news consumption during this difficult political era, and how and WHY choosing joy is so very good for you and your emotional health. I know you’re just going to love getting to know her. Here’s the interview with Stephanie Dalfonzo.

Thank you Stephanie for being on the show this week. I very much would love to have you come back and share more of your love and wisdom – so we will have to set that up. To find out more about Stephanie and her work, you can visit her at, or you can head to my website at /episode79 to get all the shownotes, complete with links to the books we talked about, and links to Stephanie’s site.

In this episode, we talk about:
– playing with a turn table as a child, and following her imagination
– sneaking into the city as a teenager to hangout with DJs
– eventually becoming a DJ (Stevie Knox)
– Law of Attraction, the Sign, and Esther and Jerry Hicks
– The 22 levels of emotions
– How little steps often add up to larger courage
– An easy breathing practice to bring you into the present moment
– Why we should unplug from the news
– How to address stress and anxiety in your life
– The Course in Miracles
– Working with clients on stress and anxiety
– How to jumpstart your joy


Resources (may contain affiliate links):
Stephanie Dalfonzo’s website
The book:A Course in Miracles
Abraham Hicks (via Esther and Jerry Hicks) interview with Oprah about the book The Secret.