Daring to be Courageous, Vulnerable, and Human with guest Christy Tending

Ep62: Daring to be Courageous, Vulnerable, and Human with guest Christy Tending

It’s my absolute pleasure to be sharing today’s episode with you! Christy Tending and I are back, talking about daring to be courageous, vulnerable AND human in this discussion that originally was a part of the “Courage in Action” telesummit. Christy has been on the show twice before; she’s a healer, a self care advocate, and an activist. I know you’ll really love what she has to say about courage, and about getting in tune with your own humanity as part of the road to an authentic and fulfilling life.

What I love about this discussion is that we take a hard look at how every day moments are courageous, and how our feelings are an entry way into being more human.
Christy shares, “It’s an act of bravery to slow down and actually feel everything that we’re really feeling. This goes back to the real intensity of the moment we’re in, but being willing to feel it, and to be human and vulnerable in those moments. And to understand that we’re not even close to done, and to honor your humanity in that moment.”

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In this episode we talk about:
– Her work as a self care specialist, and activist and how those intersect
– Her most courageous acts: Be willing to be wrong, and being willing to be vulnerable
– Living and working in an indigenous community for 3 months after college
– Her current work for racial equality and the environment
– Learning through making mistakes, and owning being wrong
– The impact of privilege, and learning to sit with discomfort while pushing to grow
– The impact of surrender and stillness

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