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Joyful Friday: Discovering The Joy of Scruffy Hospitality and Crappy Dinner Parties

Hi friends! I’ve been playing around with a way to celebrate Fridays and share the inspiring, happy, joyful stuff I find with the world. This week is all about discovering the joy of scruffy hospitality and crappy dinner parties. There’s so much out there that’s real, it’s hard, and some days it feels like it’s pressing in. So let’s play with a bit of a round up of good things.

Scruffy Hospitality and/or a Crappy Dinner Party

Back in about 2000, I honestly went to a hair dresser and asked for the Martha Stewart hair cut. I was 28 I swear I look older in photos from back then than I do now. (No, I’m not kidding.)  What does this have to do with anything?

Do you wish you could have friends and family over more often, but worry it will take all day to clean and cook so you always put it off? Check out this idea called Scruffy Hospitality or or throw a Crappy Dinner Party. Pin for later and click to read more.

Well, like so many people, I LOVED her parties, her organization, her mail order catalog, and her TV show, and I really wished that I could make all of that happen, for me. Of course, there’s no real way to mimic all of the things that are created by an enormous team of people and now I’m just fine with an unorganized pantry and dirty sock in my hallway, and so imagine my sheer excitement to read these articles about Scruffy Hospitality and a Crappy Dinner Party!!

Jack King’s words captured my heart about how his family’s “to-do list has prepared us for hosting company, but it has also prevented us from welcoming friends in our home” because of the pressure that comes with entertaining, and with the pressure of perfection. Enter …. Scruffy Hospitality, which is all about very lovingly inviting friends over, and embracing whatever state your home is in, whatever you’re doing now, and whatever your life authentically looks like in this moment.  You gotta go read Jack’s article. It’s the best.

And I was pretty stoked to see that it’s not just happening in Knoxville – Kelley Powell writes about having a Crappy Dinner Party, too, which involves no housework before hand, a simple menu, wearing whatever you have on, and no hostess gifts.

Other Awesomeness to Check Out

My friend, Vanessa Soto, just launched her own podcast, Doing It On The Side. She has two awesome episodes you need to check out – one with Tara Gentile, and another with wine maker and copywriter Ryan Cochrane.

Mastermind buddy, Liz Applegate, hosted me on her podcast a couple of weeks ago. We chatted about joy, how to find it in your life, and what happens when your birth plan goes out the window. Go listen!

Christy and I are excited to have launched our new course, Roots + Wings, and we’ve been sharing guests posts about what balance means to us. You can read about what failure has taught me about balance, read how Christy uses breath to help with overwhelm (and how you can, too),  and you can hear us joyfully talk about our class on my podcast, too. Plus, you can register for the class by heading over to the course site at Teachable (click here).

So, what have you been up to?