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Ep54: Finding Balance, Gaining Roots & Wings with Christy Tennery-Spalding

My dear friend, Christy Tennery-Spalding joins me for the Season 2 opener to talk about all things balance, and about our new course, Roots & Wings. I love having Christy on the show because she has such a loving, no-nonsense way of approaching self care. As a self care mentor, healer, and a coach for world changers, she shares a lot of deep wisdom about how to slow down, how to breathe, and how to love yourself in the process.
Do you want to learn how to create more balance in your life, and feel better about yourself? This great interview shares info about how to work on what's going on, inside, to help you create balance. Click to listen, and Pin for later.

Christy and I met, quite literally, when she was on the show in Episode 25. It was the first time we’d talked and by the end of the hour, we knew we were friends. Such magic! We live near each other (not always the case with guests), and so we started meeting and sharing about what we were working on, next. Turns out, I was re-working my free balance course into something much meatier, and Christy was working on a breathing and meditation course. We had an aha moment and realized … what if … these two things went together? And right there, in Hippies Brew (a coffee shop), we started brainstorming what became “Roots & Wings.”

Finding Balance Gaining Roots Wings

Here’s what Christy and I talk about in this episode:
3:30 What our breathing and balance course (Roots & Wings) is about
6:00 How the course focuses on both internal landscape and external pieces, and why that’s unique
6:45 How you can get support to make changes when you’re just starting something
8:30 Why quick tips and gimmicks won’t help you solve balance (and Paula’s favorite Pinterest find on how to store wrapping paper)
9:45 How Christy developed her breathing practices, and how she created the content for the breathing portion of this class
10:30 How healers and coaches can help you unlock your own healing and sense of balance
11:15 The freedom and beauty of learning and discipleship, and why staying curious is important
14:00 No life is static, and why creating a strong foundation to support balance will serve you for life
15:30 Know your Values and purpose will help support you, and give you a toolkit to go back to as you grow and change
17:30 what to do when you know you are “numbing out” when you feel overwhelmed
19:30 having your own back
17:20 “Shoulding all over yourself” is fun to say, but no fun to do (and what you can do about it)
22:00 Learning to detangle your self worth from your productivity
25:30 You’re not a robot – what can you do to give yourself what you need, and acknowledge your humanity and your vulnerability?
28:30 What’s included in the breathing portion of the course with Christy
30:30 What’s included in the balance portion, led by Paula
34:30 The comparison trap is a jerk
38:30 Allowing yourself to be fully present, and giving yourself the permission to make decisions in where your intention sits on how to use your presence
40:30 Mindful Isolation: the art of giving yourself a break from too much stimulus, whether that be the news or other overwhelming topics in life
43:00 The lie of isolation and failure
45:00 How to get more information about our class


Christy’s website at
Our brand new course: Roots & Wings
Christy Tennery-Spalding on Episode 25 of Jump Start Your Joy