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Jump Start Your Joy with guest Cory Huff on The Art of Storytelling and Staying Curious

Today’s interview is with Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist, and he joins me to talk about the art of storytelling, and his ability to stay curious. Cory works with artists to help them market and sell their work online. He’s also an actor, a gamer, coach, and storyteller. And! He’s got a book, “How To Sell Art Online,” coming out in June, 2016. I hope you enjoy this episode with Cory Huff on the art of storytelling and staying curious.

It was really fun getting to chat with Cory – we have a lot in common, and so it was fun to chat about acting, gaming, coaching, and (to be in the theme of this week), being a Multi-passionate person. It’s always a hoot to meet someone who has passions that are similar to my own, and I truly wish Cory and I could have chatted for longer! You’ll get to meet Cory and learn a ton more about me, too!

Cory Huff on The Art of Storytelling and Staying Curious

Here’s what Cory Huff and I talked about in this episode:

[04:47] Cory’s early Sparks of joy as a child and in school
[07:21] our connection in loving drama and Improv
[08:10] how I feel that coaching and podcasting are related to doing Improv because they all rely on trusting your intuition
[08:24] we bonded over Dungeons & Dragons – Corey made his own Cory has been a dungeon master for 30 years and has created his own world
[09:38] I really feel that my husband and I met while playing World of Warcraft (a video game)
[09:58] what Cory does now, and who he works with, and how he got there (blogging + marketing led to helping artists
[12:34] how curiosity and asking questions has helped him figure out his career
[13:41] how asking someone about their storycan break the ice and help you get to know them better (is this like a secret Multi-Passionate thing? Do multipods resonate with this question more than other people? Cory will report back).
[15:22] how Cory figures out which of his interests to spend time with
[17:30] the ideas that Corey runs with are the ones that pop up over and over again
[18:10] the products that we both have in the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves Bundle: Cory: Artist Websites That Sell
[20:13] My offering: Jump Start Your Podcast
[22:40] how people are inherently creative, and how school and college rewards / nurtures non-creative thinking, Einstein is a great example
[26:48] the stay-at-home mom who kept painting as her children grew and created over 700 painting just for the sake of creativity
[27:46] how following our creative interests often makes us better at everything that we do
[29:07] why creatives are sometimes afraid to share their art because they fear that someone will steal their ideas
[30:32] what to do if you are afraid someone will steal your art off the internet (hint: be prolific, example is Lisa Congden)
[32:49] the hardest part about being a multi passionate / artist when you tackle marketing
[37:40] it’s new class and each new client is an exciting puzzle to figure outwhich makes it fun for a multi passionate person
[38:18] why project management is a great job and a great job for multi-passionates
[38:58] what keeps Cory going when he feels like quitting (money, community, speaking, and the puzzle to figure out what’s next)
[39:48] Cory’s book that is coming out in June How to Sell Your Art Online and the changes at the art industry has seen recently
[41:04] Cory’s thoughts on how to bring your dream into action
[42:11] 3 ways to jump start your joy


Cory Huff’s Website:
Cory’s upcoming book How to Sell Your Art Online (available for pre-sale on Amazon)
Cory’s upcoming conference, in July
Cory’s interview with Emilie Wapnick

How have you stayed curious in your life?

Cory Huff on of The Abundant Artist. In this interview he talks about the art of storytelling, staying curious, and how artists can market their work online. Click to listen and pin for later.