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When Joy Meets Purpose with Host Paula Jenkins

In this episode, Paula Jenkins shares:

When Joy Meets Purpose on Jump Start Your Joy

– The Ebb and Flow Nature of joy
– The Joy Trajectory – my thoughts on how we experience joy in our life
– Meet your Inner Joy Advocate – my own work and life has led me to believe that we do have an inner force that nudges us towards happiness, sometimes before we ourselves actually decide to take the first step
– Definition of Purpose – what is purpose in our life, and what does it look like?
– We are all Story tellers – humans like to have resolution in their life; we are no different
– 3 Ways People Return to Purpose – based on my observations working with clients and from guests of the sho
– Your Purpose is not a Project – purpose is not something you can “projectize;” it will reveal itself, but often on it’s own timeline
– The Dance of Joy & Purpose
– 5 Ways to Keep Joy & Purpose Engaged – I believe there are ways to keep both joy and purpose engaged in your life. I share my top five ideas here.


Rising Strong by Brene Brown (on Amazon)
Born for This by Chris Guillebeau (on Amazon)