Our Wedding Dance, or Dancing in the Kitchen

Sean and I got married in October in an intimate setting. The wedding ceremony we had might not be termed as lavish particularly. But yes, we had plans to host a lavish one amidst a pecan orchard. We even considered booking a Wedding Venue in Fort Worth, TX that had pecan orchards. But then, we decided that it would be better to have an economized wedding. We also chose to have our first dance in the kitchen of the small reception hall. That’s right, the kitchen– sounds pretty ordinary right?

Sure, he’s a chef, and that’s cute and all, but there’s a lot more to our kitchen dancing than his profession.

Dancing in the Kitchen, Wedding Dance on Welcoming Spirit
Our first dance, photo by Matt Welch of Munkee’s Eye Photography

It started way back when we were living together in a one bedroom apartment. The kitchen was modern and huge and it was a great space to dance. Many nights we’d just stand there, swaying back and forth, usually without any music playing.

Just dancing in the kitchen.

We moved before Zoom was born, and again we had an ample amount of space in the kitchen. While I was pregnant, it was comforting to stand and dance, and the kitchen was our favorite space since we renovated it to our preferred style (https://www.nhance.com/northsandiegocounty/). Those months were filled with me picking out about a million “perfect first dance” songs, which I’d insist we play, and we’d dance.

Right there in the kitchen.

When we moved into our new home, again a smallish home with just 2 bedrooms, a reliably open and inviting dance space is in our kitchen.

Zoom will sometimes start a dance party there, and we will play loud music, jumping, dancing, laughing in our kitchen. And there are nights, after a long day, that we still just hug and sway, in the dim light of the kitchen.

So when we looked at our reception hall, there was a clear space for a dance floor. But when we thought about where that first dance should be, well, I asked if we could have it in the kitchen. Sean loved the idea. The caterer didn’t mind (but had never had anyone ask that before). I’m sure it might have also been the first for this Virginia Beach wedding photographer too, considering the look in her eyes as the question came from my mouth. Regardless of our chosen location for the first dance, we had some lovely wedding and first dance photo’s snapped up for us to remember the day.

Dancing in the Kitchen, Wedding Dance on Welcoming Spirit
Our first dance, photo by Matt Welch of Munkee’s Eye Photography

For us, dancing in the kitchen embodies so much more than what at first glance might seem to be a quirky place for a first wedding dance. It is in its simplicity, it’s everyday-ness that we have found it to be sacred. It’s a dance that can be done any day, regardless of mood or circumstance. If only we had a professional photographer such as this Newton Family Photographer, we might have documented every special moment of ours in a professional way. Our dance can (and should be) done in any home, with or without music. In pajamas or wedding gowns, with chicken pox, or after gardening. After a hard day, or to celebrate something, we dance in our kitchen. It’s the heart of our home, it’s a symbol of our togetherness, both as a couple, but also now as a family. It reminds us that we are close, no matter what, and we are loved, no matter what.