Repainting the Trim on the Front Door (aka Front Door Take 3)

The front door has gone through a couple of changes. To be fair, the whole time I have lived here, I have had multiple doors. Usually, one might look for a consultant or look through a door buying guide before selecting a new door, as purchasing a new door involves far more than just choosing a style you like. From size to materials and security, you have many options to consider and it’s easy for one to get overwhelmed! I seem to know some friends who went crazy at the number of available options. Nonetheless, by being in close contact with companies such as that help with door installation, our front door has been lucky enough to have different themes. This one was a smaller transformation. Here’s where we started and then I painted the hardware and mailbox all the same oil rubbed bronze color:


But something still bugged me. The paint around the door had a lot of dings in it. There is nothing worse than a faulty pain job is there? Like so:


And so I matched the color and repainted the trim around the door, and bought a new, bigger door mat.

Additionally, although you cannot see it in this photo I have also bought a new door mat for inside too! A friend of mine told me that you can now get personalized door mats with pictures and I simply had to get one. I just adore customized pieces. They add such a personal touch.

Our new doormat is decorated with pictures of our pets and it always make our guests smile! You want people to feel welcome when they walk through your door after all! A custom door mat makes a great gift idea for any pet lovers in your life come to think of it. I will definitely be buying some more for over the holidays! Do you have any custom door mats in your home? Let me know if so as I would love to see them.

Oh, and I also replaced and fixed the doorbell. Our new one makes such a lovely chiming sound. Our old one was definitely due an upgrade. I’m now thinking about adding a house number plaque as well to finish off the look. What do you think?

Here’s the close up:


Much better! I am absolutely delighted with the results! Happy Monday!

Have you completed any home improvement projects recently? Perhaps you have also updated your front door? Get in touch, as I cannot wait to hear from you!


2 responses to “Repainting the Trim on the Front Door (aka Front Door Take 3)”

  1. Liz Avatar

    It looks great Paula!

  2. Hazel Moon Avatar

    Very nice, Good job