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Be Content to Simply Be Yourself


We went to Pacific Grove a few weekends ago. It is along the coast, near the towns of Carmel and Monterrey. It is peaceful there, with beautiful, majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Zoom loves the beach. He likes to run up to the water’s edge, play tag with the waves. It’s always a delight to see him running back and forth with the waves, laughing, yelling at the tides. I wish I better understood what goes on in the head of a two year old.

It’s a joy to get to share in his contentment of just being him. Everything is new. He has a favorite pair of shoes, but mostly he doesn’t mind what he wears. He takes in everything with an earnestness, an eagerness, that has long been forgotten in most adults. He can not help but get excited about sand dabs, little crabs, seagulls, and flowers on the shore.

The gift of getting lost in the sheer delight of the moment, of really living each emotion, it seems to tie young children closer to the divine. It’s as if they understand what is important, what it means to be alive. I love that Zoom is easily lost in the moment, in living, in being. 

I am grateful for him, grateful to see things through his eyes, even just for a few minutes every day.