2013 Projects: A Home Project Pinterest Board

I’ve been using Pinterest to list my 2013 home projects. It’s been fun to go through all of my pins (which I categorize by rooms) and then moving a few to another board, when I finally decide it’s a project I want to tackle. The ones listed here are minor/medium ones, but if I wanted to go for something a bit bigger like a Quad Cities foundation repair or something similar to that, then I’m probably going to need a bigger board! Anyway, here’s a few of the items I have on my list:

Board and Batten:
I’d seen board and batten on several blogs before we even closed on our house, and knew I needed to add some to the entry hallway. I especially like the tutorial on Centsational Girl.

Board and Batten

Built-in Bookcases:
In our dining area, I’d like to add some bookcases that look built-in. Just-a-Girl added crown molding and extra details that took Ikea Billy Bookcases and made them look custom. I’d like some cupboard doors on ours to offer additional storage.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets:
Our cabinets are rather dull and are likely a DIY project from the previous owners. We need to repair them; and just today I had a carpenter over to get quotes on replacing the fronts of the cabinets, along with the drawers. If we paint them ourselves, I’ll follow the lead of Young House Love. Also, talking about repair, checking the sink area for any faulty tap or sink pipe issue can be helpful. Now we don’t want to get our freshly applied paint getting destroyed by a sudden tap malfunction. If something needs to be repaired, we should get it done as soon as possible, else it may escalate to the situation where a tap malfunctions or the sink pipe gets clogged and we may have to take the help of emergency plumbing services by googling 24 hour plumber Sydney‘ or after hours plumbers near me.’

Coming back, I know that all three of these seem like big projects, but then I go back and look at what we have completed from my 2013 Project board. Check this out!

Fireplace in the Dining Room:
Sean and I bought this as a gift for each other for Christmas and installed it in January.

Stenciling the Dining Room and Hall:
As seen on Jones Design and Centsational Girl, I became obsessed with a punchy stencil pattern to use on an accent wall. Walls and ceilings with impeccable style and painted with beautiful colors could be essential for a home redesign. A few of the things that every visitor often notices are roofs and wall designs. Nowadays, people tend to pay special attention to making them mesmeric and attractive, and to achieve that they can go to a certain extent. If the ceilings and walls are weak for redesign, people tend to opt for Roof Replacement and home remodeling to fix that. This was completed mid January!
stencilpinFeed Sack Bulletin Board:
Also inspired by Jones Design, I liked the idea of covering a bulletin board with a feed sack. I used a bright green to work in with our kitchen.

What do you have on your Pinspiration list?


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  1. Adrienn TUJ Avatar

    I love your projects! I used to do a lot of DIY projects before I had my kids, and it’s been so long since I’ve done anything it seems foreign! Now my kids are getting older and more self sufficient and there are so many things I want to change in my house. I LOVE the colors of the built in bookshelves up there. I was never a huge fan of blue, but I am starting to really love that shade…and the turquoise hutch is awesome too. I really love the hutch, I even think of your hutch when I think about the theme I want for my kitchen! Thanks for inspiring me!