DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Hats

This year I decided to make some turkey hats for my family to wear at Thanksgiving. They were easy to make and everyone had fun wearing them 🙂

I bought 8 pre-made party hats at Target, along with some construction paper and glue sticks. I also used scissors and tape that we had on hand.


I was using the party hat as the base, so first I covered them with the brown construction paper. I lined up the short (8.5 inch) side with the seam in the hat, and taped the paper at that mark.

thanksgiving 008

After rolling the hat along the paper, and then pasted the corner so that it would stick down and cover the whole party hat. I taped the seam, as well, to make sure the glue would hold. With the paper attached to the hats, I trimmed the bottom.

thanksgiving 011

Next, I worked on the tail feathers. I cut a template for the first feather, and then traced it along the rest of the paper. I cut through three layers of the construction paper at a time to make the work go quicker.

thanksgiving 013

With the feathers all cut out, I stapled 5 together at once: two brown, a yellow, a red, and an orange.

thanksgiving 015

Then I made a tear dropped template for the turkey’s head. I traced these out on the scraps that I had left over from covering the party hats. To make the beak and “gobbler” I cut a triangle out of orange and free-handed the squiggly design on the red paper.

thanksgiving 016

To make the heads fit on the body, I had to cut a slit in the top of the hat, and then fit the head in to that slit.

thanksgiving 017

I drew some eyes on each head, and set out the turkeys for the family to wear!



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