Happiness Project: Reflecting on Energy Month

In looking back over January, my pursuit of working on “Energy” taught me some interesting things. Part of my objective was to find ways to make the most of the time I have each day. And, to find ways to feel more peaceful and rested.

A big “a ha!” moment for me came in the realization that the more I scheduled things, created order around our days, got groceries for the week ahead, and finished laundry, well the more time I seemed to have for other things. When we weren’t constantly in “reaction mode” (ie “we don’t have any food in the house so what are we going to run out and get tonight?”), things were easier. We actually sat down and had dinner together because we could make it quickly. There was no mad dash to find clothes in the morning because all of my clothes were clean, and put out for the next day, setting a peaceful tone for the day.

I’m going to admit that it used to be a regular occurrence for Sean to forget to tell me his work schedule, and then spring on me that he needed for me to drop off Zoom at day care at midnight the day before. This left me no time to move meetings or send emails, or do anything, to prepare for being in a little later the next day. But when we moved to having a Sunday night discussion about the upcoming week, these last minute “emergencies” all but disappeared. We used to have to remind ourselves that we did a Sunday check in for the week ahead, but now it just happens.

And, once things got scheduled, and we found a little bit more order, it simply became easier to say “yes” to having to do emergency type things when they came up. And, when I’m better rested (from having gone to bed by about 11pm each night, and from getting a new bed! it’s amazing!), it also became easier to have meaningful conversations, instead of being tired and cranky.

Energy also let me look at a couple of places to optimize. My commute takes a lot of time (26 miles, but it averages an hour, sometimes 90 minutes.) One way I’ve found to have patience around the drive is to use “Waze” which is a social GPS app. I can see how long the commute will take, and it offers alternate routes if my usual way appears to take too long. I like that I get points for reporting incidents (stalled cars, traffic slow downs, etc.) For some reason, the commute is more bearable now that it’s kind of a game … how quickly can I get there? How many points can I get? (All while being a very careful driver 🙂 )

I really like what these basic changes have made in our lives. Things feel more peaceful. I feel like there is “me time” in my days. I like that having more Energy makes me feel that I’m more connected with Sean and Zoom. And that’s what’s important.

Happiness Party
More Energized after January? Check. Me at the company party in January.