December 6: Free Christmas Ornaments or Focusing on What’s Important

Day 6: Finding new ways to make Christmas traditions special with a 1 year old

Zoom likes shiny things. He likes to grab them, to throw them, to put them in his mouth. I can’t stop him, he’s curious. I actually don’t want to stop him, it’s how he learns.

Enter the Christmas Tree. Instead of seeing the “problems” with having a tree, I’m challenging myself to create something beautiful, inexpensive, and very baby friendly. Today I made some Christmas ornaments, and I have some ideas on ways to make more soon 🙂

Here are today’s ornaments, from artist Becca Kallem via Nicole Balch’s post on Making it Lovely. I liked Nicole’s joke about “put a bird on it” 🙂 Anyway … I printed out Becca’s beautiful birds, and glued them on to a hanging file folder. I chose the folders because of their green background, I thought that if the non-bird side were to show, the green would blend in with the tree. I cut the birds out and we’ll punch a hole and add some ribbon to them to tie them on the tree. Easy, and free 🙂


Here are some other free ideas I found around the internet: