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December 4: Being a Mother

Day 4: Thoughts on being present, living in the moment, and on being a mother

Today I spent most of my day with little Zoom. Sean had to work, so Zoom and I were on our own. I like the days that we have together, as I am a mom who works but wishes she could spend so much more time with her son. It’s interesting to me that while Zoom has very little language, and is still so dependent, he and I seem to understand each other and delight in each other. I am grateful that he and I have such genuine fun together.

Our days are often simple. I’d hoped to get to the store before he napped, but we went out in the backyard instead. We played in our sandbox. We threw balls back and forth, then randomly started just laughing really hard. He put some rocks in his mouth. I kept telling him not to.

Then he had lunch, a nap, we went to the store, we cleaned his room. We watched the Winnie the Pooh Christmas special and he clapped when Christopher Robin saved the day. What amazed me about that is that this had been his first introduction to the Pooh world, but yet with no spoken language himself, he understood the joy of the animals all getting their presents.

As I thought about what I’d write for this day’s challenge, I originally thought I had little to say since I “hadn’t gotten much done” and it had been a “normal day.” Yet, all day I’d been working on raising a little person. I got tons of things done. We put ornaments on a tree, we talked to the grandparents, I shared a million tiny moments with one of my favorite people on Earth. The challenge for me today is to see the greatness in the tiny things, to take stock in the quiet moments, in teaching, in loving, and in sharing.