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December 18: I am the 2nd Biggest Loser, It’s Official

Day 18: 3 months of hard work pays off and my losing ways are recognized by more than just my scale at home

Back in September, several of my co-workers started a weight loss challenge. I had just realized that a change was needed as I had already hit my heaviest ever (non-pregnant) weight and I was slowly getting close to being as heavy as I had been when I was 9+ months pregnant. Yowzers.

Thank heavens for my calculating co-workers. My boss mentioned the challenge to me and that very day I went down to the accounting department (it had to be in accounting, who else would be the ones to figure out how to calculate percent loss?) and weighed my butt in.

Twelve weeks after that weigh in I was down 11 pounds from my first weigh in and at an official 8.14% lost. The biggest loser came in at about 10.54% lost. Impressive. Overall, since I started a few days ahead of the challenge, I’ve just hit my 10% loss mark, and I was more than pleased with coming in second place and winning the silver medal. Of weight loss.

I’m going to continue my weight loss ways into April of 2012, folks. I’m also part of  “That Weight Loss Challenge 2.” My next goals are to get fit, possibly find a Bikram Yoga place near work, and lose another 5 to 10 pounds.

Here I am, at dinner after winning the big challenge. 2nd biggest loser

Your proud loser,