A Rainbow of a Day

Today I went in to San Francisco to see my dentist. Last December when I went in, they found my first cavity EVER. Today I got it filled. I have no words of wisdom on how to go 39 years without a cavity. I was the child who never brushed her teeth and I still don’t like to floss. Good genes and good luck are all I can site.

I know it might sound irrational as not everyone could be this lucky. However, for the ones looking hopefully for tips here to take care of their oral health- I can suggest some things that my dentist recommended to me. The first thing I was asked was to adopt the habit of brushing my teeth at least twice a day, before and after meals, and flossing them at least once every day. Doing so reduces the number of bacteria and plaque in the mouth.

Not only this, he asked me to get my teeth checked on a regular basis or at least twice a year to keep them maintained. So, I would suggest the same to my readers–get an appointment at dental clinics like Renew Dental in Winnipeg, MB and get checked for oral hygiene.

I cannot deny how important it is to get the teeth inspected frequently as there might be cavities growing in the hidden corners of our teeth that only a dentist can discover. Well, my readers from the United States can easily find a dentist using sites similar to to get their teeth the timely check-up it requires. My readers from other places can find a similar site or use online resources to locate a dentist nearest to them.

Coming back to my day, I went shopping after I got done with the dentist. And I came across this line up of colorful scooters, which just seem oh so San Francisco.

I bought a black skirt, black pants, striped tank, and a plaid outfit for Zoom. We’ll do a fashion show for everyone soon 🙂