Inspired by Terrariums: Handmade Beauty at Home

Over the weekend, I spied some gorgeous terrariums on display at Anthropologie. I’ve been obsessed with terrariums for a long time, and really wanted to make one for the last year or so. I actually tried last year but the hang up last time was finding live moss…anyway, I digress.

The obsession was re-kindled when I saw this:

The inspiration

When I saw these yesterday I thought … oh my goodness! I have a round glass vase just like that at home! This morning, I trotted out to the garage and got my potting soil, rocks, and vases. I noticed that we had real live moss growing around the trees outside the garage. Score! I scooped some up, careful to dig up the soil below it.

When I got in the house, I carefully removed portions of our peace lily and spider plant; both were spawning new growth and they were perfect for my project. Really, to have all of the supplies on hand and accessible was key, and I felt so lucky to have everything I needed right at home. I lost myself in making them, and ended up churning out three.

Here are my beauts:

The round vase:

Here are all three:

Here they are in the dining room:
Dining room_ws

It’s so nice when you find something that inspires you, and even better when you can make something so calming and pretty for free at home 🙂

And an update – after about three weeks, these little guys are still going strong! If you are making some of your own, get a squirt bottle and give them a spritz every day. I find that it is helping the little moss bits to grow. Good luck 🙂

What have you been inspired by lately?

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