Ready to Put On My Big Girl Shoes

Finally, the president of my current job made the announcement that I had resigned. I had been walking around on pins and needles waiting for it to happen for a week and a half. Other complaints aside, I’m relieved.

Tomorrow I am officially double booked. In the morning, I’m meeting my new co-workers to attend a meeting at our clients’ offices. I get to be reunited with some previous co-workers (Darren and Sophie! hooray!) and meet my new boss for the first time face to face. It may be strange, but my new boss hired me sight unseen.

So, I get to put on big girl consulting clothes, do my hair, and drive myself to a real office park. (I’ve been working in a warehouse for the last three months with an industrial bakery next door, so we don’t really dress up there. The neighborhood is funky, at best.) I’m super excited to be headed to a professional setting with some straight up professional people.

It also allows me to get my teeth stuck into something new. It was definitely the right time for a fresh start, as working in an office was slowly starting to become tedious. Taking the step to work in a warehouse hasn’t been an easy one, but I’m excited about the change. It’s a good job that we have access to somewhere like the Platforms And Ladders Store so we can get our hands on the best mobile platforms, as I’m expecting to come across some things that are out of my reach, so I’ll need to use something like this to give me a hand. Sounds daunting, but I’m so excited. This is definitely the change that I need for my life.

So, in my rush to get outta the old office tonight, I “neglected” to tell anyone I won’t be in the office in the morning. What should my excuse be? Comcast cable coming? Or just keep it vanilla and say I have personal matters? Can you tell I’m excited to be on my way to something new? 🙂