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Photo Friday: Pictures from the Dogpatch in San Francisco

My new job is in a funky neighborhood called the “Dogpatch.” It’s way south of downtown, south of the ballpark, in an area that’s full of warehouses and factories. The building we work in is an old packing plant that’s been divided up into offices. It’s quirky and has a very industrial look. Here are some photos from around the neighborhood that I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks.

Out the back door of our office:

Out back

Across the street is this building, which is surrounded by bars:

In or out

A couple of blocks away is this lovely door with a transom window, and awesome detailing on the glass:


And here’s a wild posting down the street. I love the way the artist has made deer out of newspaper to the right of the person (click to make the image bigger)

On the wall

I’ll keep exploring and taking photos to share. Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!