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A Box Full of Smiles and Goodie Bags

One of the things we did at the last retreat was assemble goodie bags to be sent to Tabitha at A FiveOhFour Uplifting. Her family’s mission is to provide and send goodie bags and other uplifting mail to children and adults in hospitals with illness or disabilities, homeless individuals, or to anyone needing to be cheered up. The team had planned on doing the assembly line over lunch, and it seemed like the retreat goers were excited to be doing something to spread some love to others. After lunch, we cleared our plates and broke out the goodies. I’d pre-ordered various items for older kids, and adults, and we put the goodies in groups of threes into cellophane bags by way of assembly line. A little dinosaur bag sealed each bag, and they were ready to go.

I’ll be dropping the box of about 180 goodie bags off at the post office today – it’s filled with tons of love and good wishes.


Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday!