The Book of Genesis and Adamah

This evening, on the way home from work, I started doing my reading for summer session. First up in the Women’s Bible Commentary was the section on Genesis. Now, I love me some Hebrew Bible. I took four years of Biblical Hebrew and I loved every second of it. Well except some of the verb tenses, but reading Job and Genesis and Exodus in their original language is really fun for me. It was also super challenging.

So tonight, I came across the note that the word used for the first human was adamah, which in Biblical Hebrew means “dust of the earth” or “ground.” This is of course symbolic and deep, as the name “Adam” comes from this Hebrew root. God created both of these things, and named them. I love this passage and the fact that Adam’s name and his source and creation are all embodied in that one word.

Just like later, when Jesus says to Peter, “Epi melli thethi Petros” (bad transliteration there) or My Church will be “founded upon a rock.” Peter’s name and the word rock (petros) both have the same root. Peter is the first Pope and he is the rock, just as the Church is the rock of Jesus’ teaching. I love this.

Tonight though, I was struck by the name Adamah, as in Bill Adama from Battlestar Galactica. While I am a self professed fan, it really delighted me that the name of our hero is one in the same as the first man on earth. Now, there are some plot issues with this fact (and a spoiler, if you haven’t seen the finale), since in BSG our genetic “Eve” is little Hera. Perhaps there is a Lee Adama junior on his way as time progresses on earth? I don’t know, but this Hebrew word opened up a whole new line of fascination for me with BSG.