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Summer Session Here I Come!

Today I got confirmation that there is still room in a summer term class that I’m just super excited about. Yale Divinity School does week long classes over the summer, and I’m going to be taking “The Bible through Art and Artifact.” The class has just five lectures, but each day we get to actually go see the Art and Artifacts we’re discussing, because Yale has a pretty cool store of things on its campus. I’m super excited, both to be going back to my old alma mater, but also to be immersed in the world of learning again.

It’s funny, for the longest time I have had dreams about going back to school. Sometimes its going back to UC Santa Barbara, where I did my undergrad work. Lots of times its about going back to Yale. I don’t know if it’s my heart telling me something (like I should go back and get a Master of Divinity degree on top of my Master of Arts) or if its just happy memories of things I’ve really enjoyed, and those things capture my mind.

Either way, I’m one step closer to nerding out about all things Biblical. Really, sometimes I amaze my own self on how nerded out I can get about these topics. I’m grateful to have something that captures my interest like this. It feels so good to have something you can just dig into and lose yourself in.

On a somewhat related note, today at work we had an auto blogger come in. He’s going to be the new moderator on some message boards one of our clients has. I bring him up because it was really cool meeting someone who’s really carved out a niche for himself. He’s gotten enough business around his blog that he’s about become dedicated to it (and work related to it) full time. He’s going to leave his day job to blog and write about the automotive world. It was completely inspiring to meet someone who’s actively following his dreams, and who is right on the brink of them coming to fruition.