Pentecost Sunday and the Holy Spirit

I’m a member of CC Blogs, which is a collective of Christian bloggers. We often gather posts together, to share and inspire, and for Pentecost we’ve compiled a list of like minded posts. Here they are, for you to enjoy –

When Love Comes to Town – Pentecost, Peace, and Grace.

Theolog – Donna Schaper writes about a double miracle.

I-YOUniverse – John Hamilton confesses that the Holy Spirit resides in his heart but not in his mouth.

Reflectionary – Martha Hoverson is asked to do a funeral the week before Pentecost .

Don’t Eat Alone – Milton Brasher-Cunningham offers us a Pentecost poem .

Welcoming Spirit – Paula Jenkins struggles to understand the nature of the Holy Spirit.

Just Words – Ed Sunday-Winters reflects on the age of the Church. Almost 2000 years old, and yet Pentecost reminds us that the present experience of the Spirit is the locus of our power.

Unorthodoxology – David Henson: “I wonder if they still continue to speak in the tongues of men and of angels, because that is the only language they now understand.”

Life and Faith – Ernesto Tinajero remembers a seminary professor who called the Holy Spirit, “Holy Breath.”

Everyday Liturgy – Thomas Turner: “The Holy Spirit is more than a placeholder to complete the Trinity.”

Where the Wind – Fiction by Adam Thomas: Davies writes a paper on the Holy Spirit.

Grounded and Rooted in Love – A Pentecost sermon.

Seeking Authentic Voice – Terri Pilarski reflects on Pentecost having grown up in a non-liturgical tradition.

Eclectic Faith – Christopher Keel reflects on Pentecost having been raised a Pentecostal.

Faith in Community – Diane Roth: Remembering Azusa Street.

I Thirst – Mark Hogg remembers Pentecost 2001.

Dancing on Saturday – Chad Holtz: Pentecost and the Ethiopian gospel choir.”