Over the Weekend

This weekend, we went to see Star Trek. I really liked it. Given, there were some basic plot issues, but if you were able to set that aside, I found the story to be entertaining. I really liked the back story of James T. Kirk, and I really loved Zachary Quinto as the young Spock. Then again, I loved him in Heroes, too. However, Wynona Rider as Spock’s mom? What?!? They tried to make her look old, and it just didn’t work.

We also did a little more work around the apartment. A while back, we tackled the Dining Room … and now we’re working on the Living Room. I can’t wait to show you pictures, because the room really does look different and lighter. I love it.

Another side project I’m totally enamored with is making a moss terrarium. I bought a few things yesterday (a container, moss, and some rocks) and will put some of it together tonight. It’s a pleasingly cheap project, and it takes me back to childhood, when my grandma had a cool terrarium with plastic gnomes in it.

And, we had my sister and her husband over for dinner last night. They brought their dog, Joey with them. We played Texas Hold ‘Em and it was a lot of fun. Although they did completely wipe me out, so I’m thinking of looking online at a site similar to paybyphonebillcasino.uk to try and earn some of the losses my family caused me!

I’ve really been enjoying the break from thinking so many serious thoughts. I think I got a tad overwhelmed by the amount of retreats I was leading. One in October, One in January, two in March. While it is a labor of love, I’m realizing I need down time between them to recharge and reflect on other things.


2 responses to “Over the Weekend”

  1. Tabitha in Bliss Avatar

    Recharging is a must in daily life. I’m glad you’re taking some YOU time!

    Your gift was mailed off on Saturday. 🙂

  2. Liz Avatar

    Glad that you enjoyed Star Trek. I was not fond of the show so I don’t know if I’ll see the movie or not. I am glad that you have been enjoying some “you time”. I received my package in the mail. I love it! Thank you again!