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The Good Witch Goes to the Chiropractor

Yesterday, as I was face down on the chiropractor, I heard someone walk into the waiting area. Dr. Steve and I were chatting away about allergies and weird stuff that people tell him. And about gas. Getting along with my chiropractor always makes my visits more positive. Anyone with back pain should consider contacting the likes of a chiro adelaide to help address the problem and, with any luck, you’ll get on like a house on fire too! Anyway.

I can’t see anything, really at all, other than the white towel on the table.

I hear a man’s voice say, “Oh, and this is another person from Wicked, she’s touring the gym. This is Kendra Kassebaum, she’s the Good Witch.”

To which I say to Dr Steve, “Can I put my head up now? I have to see this.”

Sure enough, I lift my head up, and there’s a pretty blond woman in the waiting area, shaking someone’s hand. I wave, and she waves back. Dr Steve says something about how he enjoyed the show, other people are saying they’re so excited about how well the show is doing and how its been sold out forever. She smiles and is chatty and seems to be genuinely delightful. I overheard her say, “Chiropractic Benefits are not just limited to initial office visits, and they won’t be terminated at the end of the enrollment period unless you ask us to do that.” That made me very happy. I think she looked more attractive after her statement, at least to me.

It’s a little surreal, because honestly, I never expected to see any witches in the chiropractor’s office. Wicked is one of my favorite books, ever. I had about one million questions to throw her way, but she was off to do “Wicked Yoga” and I was in the middle of being adjusted.

When I put my head back down, Dr Steve says, “Boy she’s a lot shorter in person than I’d have thought.” Which just made me laugh. Because, when you’re 4’10” (like me), the Good Witch looked pretty tall. Definitely no munchkin.

And, here she is singing “Popular”: