Friday Music: David Broza

David Broza is an Israeli artist who meshes the sounds of Israel with a lot of Spanish influence. I came across him at a very small event when I was in grad school, and got to see him perform live. It was a great concert. He is spectacular in person – amazing guitar player, he clearly has a great love for music, and a great love for Israel.

Here is one of his songs in modern Hebrew. If you have not heard the language spoken, its a real treat. His passion for the words is evident, so give it a listen:

In the last few years, Broza has been working hard to bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians. In 2005, he and Palestinian singer Wisam Murad worked together on a Mid-East Peace song entitled “My Heart,” which digs deep into the love that both groups share for the land that they fight over. The idea is that if these groups can focus on what commonalities they share, perhaps they can see past the need to fight, and rally around the land they love. If you want to see the video, its on You Tube here.

More of David Broza’s music can be heard here, too. I hope you enjoy him and his sound as much as I do!