Friday Music: The Music of Eva Cassidy

I realize that my Friday music postings seem to have a pattern. They tend to be female singers, and tend to be covers of other songs. Next week I’ll push myself to pick something out of both of those realms.

My Friday music pick this week the work of musician, Eva Cassidy. I was first drawn to her with her cover of “Fields of Gold.” I love that she enunciates each word, and that you can understand the lyrics very clearly. There’s a sad moodiness in this version that you don’t hear in Sting’s original.

She also recorded “Over the Rainbow” (which also we heard last week from Iz) and “Wonderful World,” which was the last song she ever sang on stage. I’ve included them all here .. along with “At Last” and “Songbird.”

Eva Cassidy passed away in 1996, dying at age 33 of cancer. Much of her recognition has come post-humously. I hope that you enjoy her as much as I do.