A Dining Room Do-Over

My dining room consists of a bunch of furniture that is all 8-10 years old, with the majority of the pieces having been purchased at Goodwill. At $40-$50, the table has definitely served me well, has hosted many family dinners, and I feel like it was money well spent. The chairs were also picked up on the cheap (including one rescued from near the dumpster and repainted), but recently I’ve started to feel like it’s time for “grown up furniture.”

Here’s a before shot… just to give you an idea of the space and what I have in it right now. If you click on the picture, you can see more notes, too, over on Flickr.

Dining Room as of 2/1/9

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve been enjoying blogs like Making it Lovely, and This Young House. Well, after the awesome inspiration of those blogs, the dining room didn’t stand a chance. I pretty much knew there were some updates on the way.

Based on some footwork, surfing, and checking out a lot of blogs, here’s what I’d love for the room to look like:

diningroom – by welcomingspirit on

The table and chairs are from Ikea, and we actually already picked them up this weekend. The bench is from a local shop, and I’m going to wait to get the table together before making up my mind on the bench. I like the idea of having just four chairs, and then keeping the bench under the table to use for when we have company. It frees up some space.

The rug and book case (book case will go on a wall to the left of where the picture was taken) are from Pottery Barn, and both are on sale. I actually tagged the rug in my Wists list about six months ago, I’ve been admiring it that long!

The art is from Mibo, and is actually a calendar that I am planning on printing, cutting up, and hanging in black Ikea frames. That makes it fairly cheap. And, I’m thinking those will be hung, in a grid, over the low book case.

The desk in the picture (top pic) will get painted a dark brown or neutral color. It needs to stay in the room because we have a one bedroom apartment, and we don’t have a lot of options for my guy’s computer. I’d like to get a lamp for the desk that helps to tie it to the rest of the room.

Finally, the small pictures on the upper right of the top photo will remain, also in repainted frames. As long as I don’t feel like it clashes with the other art.

The main idea is that while its just us at home, we can push the table against the wall and leave the leafs in on the table. When we have company, we move the desk (its light) and center the table in the room to allow for full seating.

So, what do you think?