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Inspiration and Interior Design

One of my favorite kinds of blogs (along side my *favorite* kind of blog, that of the inspirational nature) are home decorating blogs. I’m a total fiend for TV shows like “Trading Spaces,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” and even “This Old House.” But I’m totally gonna fess up here … I’ll watch the whole show just for two things – One – to see the people’s faces and reactions to the room or house that has been redone, and Two – to just see the before and after shots. Who doesn’t love before and after shots?!? You get to see the changes next to each other and see how the before and after are actually a big difference. I can see just how big a difference the Residential Window Tinting or the new colored carpet makes in some of the rooms. I don’t need the whole hour (or really, This Old House – we don’t need 5 shows about one renovation project), I just love those last ten minutes.

I think why I love those last ten minutes is because they really showcase the inspiration that leads to the big reveal. There’s a lot of work that goes into redecorating a home or room, from the wall colors and flooring to the furniture and lighting (head to somewhere such as the Neon Mama site to see some seriously cool lighting options for your next home redesign). Really good decorators and designers are clearly in their element, taking the project to heart, and giving their creativity all to a project. You would really appreciate the inspiration behind decors like a Ganesh 5-panel wall art that can be put together with the help of a talented designer. I’m fascinated by interior design.

However, it can be a bit unrealistic to not acknowledge the fact that there are other aspects that go into consideration while doing interior design. For instance, before starting an interior project, you may have to look into structural repairs like cracked foundation or damaged roof and shingles. In such a situation, you could look for companies providing Roof Replacement Sunshine Coast or elsewhere. Similarly, before beginning with decor, a designer might consider various other restoration projects before reaching a stage where they can think about wall paint, lighting fixtures, art, furniture, etc. But my favorite part is decor. I love seeing everything come together and how a good decorator can turn something old into something new. To me, it’s truly inspiring.

So, without much further adieu, here are a few of my favorite decorator type blogs.

Making It Lovely – Nicole has an eye for decorating with clean lines, and an underlining 60sIMG_8694 style. I’d personally LOVE to redo my apartment with this look, but I get totally overwhelmed in wondering where to start. So, I started with this ceramic bird on a mission style end table. Something about “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…”

This Young House – Really, if you haven’t met Sherry and John, you need to run over to their blog right now. I won’t even be mad, because they are just that awesome. They have a ton of before and after shots, and maybe some day if I am lucky, they can help me with my living room.

Making This Home – Katie and her husband live in Berlin, in a 480 square foot apartment. They are Americans, and their blog chronicles their adventures in upgrading their home. I like reading because it reminds me to be grateful for all 891 square feet of our apartment.