A Scrapbook in the Making

Back in October, my friends and I had planned a baby shower for Susan, who was expecting her first baby. Strangely, she ended up having the baby on the very day that we’d planned to have the shower. He was a couple of months early, and is fine and healthy now.

With the new guy all situated in the world, we figured it was time to have a shower to welcome him and celebrate the miracle of his life. So, this weekend six of us will gather for tea, cake, friendship, and a little scrap book fun. Originally, I’d come up with this idea that we’d put together pages for the “big events” of his life: coming home from the hospital, his first tooth, first birthday, holidays, meeting his cousins, etc. And then Susan could fill in the pages with pictures as he hit these little landmark events. Since we’re not really the scrap booking kind of crowd, we also planned on making some funny pages that seemed specific and appropriate to his parents and their life. They travel a lot, have a cat, really love sci fi, so we have goods on hand to make silly pages that reflect their lives, too.

Since he’s here and already lived a little, it makes the event even more exciting and meaningful. Now we have some pictures to put into the book, and I think it will be extra special to hear Susan tell us all about his trip home from the hospital, the first time he met his friend Hannah, the trip to SoCal to see her family. I’m really looking forward to it.

photo album makings
I picked up our supplies at Target and Michael’s. It’s funny, because you can see our fish Spike in the picture if you look closely enough.