Office Cheer and Prizes, and More About the New Year’s Eve Retreat

Today one of our art directors brought by this little gem, a Santa asking, “Penguins?” I’ve long admired this guy’s work, and this illustration made me giggle. Especially since he signed it “YAY! Shawn.”

My co-workers were quite generous, and other little gifts (booty socks, Peets cards) were exchanged. Our boss took us for a round of drinks, and tomorrow is our last day before we have a full two weeks off. Hooray!

This evening, Rusty and I met to go over more ideas for the New Year’s Retreat. I think it’s coming together nicely; we’ve got the overall arch figured out for the weekend, and now over the next week I need to just finish researching and writing out some of the parts I am leading. I’m excited about tackling the section around “Guardians at the Gate” which I wrote about a little a couple of weeks ago. My portion at the retreat may briefly touch on some of what I wrote about here, but its going to focus more on the Guardians to guide us and help us. I’m also going to be working on the first evening’s chapel event.

Chapel events and rituals are lovely things to orchestrate. What I like most about scripting sacred events is that as much as you think you’ve organized them, you never ever can believe what happens when a group actually walks through them. Suddenly themes and ideas and words on paper jump to life, and have living, breathing meaning to them. Real tears are shed, real emotions exchanged. Friendships are formed and bonds amongst people are strengthened. It is truly a joy to see these kinds of things come to life, so I am honored to have been asked to lead another chapel event.

I’m also excited about giving gifts to my own coworkers. I baked muffins, and packaged up some little ornaments I got in Kansas City – each has a different word: dream, hope, joy, peace, and wish. I love my coworkers and hope they each have a wonderful Holiday break.