Lots of Twinkly Little Lights

Our Christmas Tree is up and now somehow there are still cards to address and presents to wrap and food to be made. Yet amongst all this hurrying, I am reminded that it is the people that make these days special. And all days special. My wish to each of you is that you can slow down and take in these days, savor this time, enjoy these Holidays.

And, to be included in the “expanding your horizons” category, I bring you this picture, which also has so many pretty twinkly lights …

Which happens to be from the Metallica “Death Magnetic” concert from Saturday, December 20 in Oakland. So perhaps it seems a little um, unusual, for it to be posted right below a Christmas tree, but it was a great show. I’m no die hard fan, but I had to respect that these guys have been writing music for 29 years, and they clearly love what they are doing. It was really cool, and I’m glad I went. It distinctly reminded me that people who follow their passion are inspiring.