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Free Things to add Joy to the Season

An acquaintance said an odd thing to me today. When I made mention that it seems that there is something in the air, a certain anxiety and perhaps anger in the world around us, he quickly dismissed it and said “It’s because we’re coming up on a Pink Elephant holiday. When everything is supposed to be happy and joyful and it just isn’t.”

Well, I didn’t know quite what to make of this sentiment. So I thought … am I happy? Well, yes I am. I have a job, I was able to fix my car, and I can give gifts to the people I love during the holidays. I get to help lead retreats, and I get to be around creative, fun people all day at work. My boyfriend and I are happy. I love my family, and they are healthy and well. My friends are dear to me. I have so much to be grateful for, I can’t imagine how I’d be unhappy right now.

Joyful? Sure! I’m actually excited about the holidays and getting to see my family. We get time off work. There’s the New Year’s retreat. Lots to be joyful over.

And, I don’t even know what a Pink Elephant holiday is, but it sure seemed that this guy had a bit of a Bah! Humbug thing going on. Let’s shake that off, shall we?

Here’s some good, free fun for your holidays!

Cute picture frames to print and hang on your tree. Or your door knob, or whatever you hang stuff on. From Jessica Gonacha at Treasuring.

Music, holiday or otherwise. Go to Pandora, do a quick registration and select “Genres” at the bottom. They have Holiday as one of the Genres. Play in your house, office or mobile phone!

To Do list templates
, adorably designed, ready to print and keep you on task through the season. From Patricia Zapata at A Little Hut.

Chance to win a designer handbag
, once a day for 12 days, starting today! Go on over to Luxaholics and enter already!

I’ll keep my eyes open for other freebie fun. I hope you’re enjoying the season, and that you and yours are happy and joyful.