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Environmentalism and Religion

Al Gore did a wonderful and insightful job with discussing climate change in “An Inconvenient Truth.” How I wish I’d asked him more about his thoughts that one day I had an elevator ride with him in our office building over at the Current TV building… Instead I became instantly giddy and tongue tied, amazed actually by his towering height and large stature. He’d always seemed so small compared to Bill Clinton on TV. Then, something like “Gee, its nice to work in the same building as you, Mr. Gore” came out of my mouth. I mean, I’m proud of the fact that I actually said something at all. But there’s always that Monday morning quarter backing that comes back to haunt you about how you acted when you’ve met someone famous. I did remain cool and collected when I met Leonardo DiCaprio, though, by some act of luck or happenstance. But what were we talking about?

So my alma mater, Yale Divinity School, does a nice job of putting up lectures and such for folks to view on their website. (We can thank Al Gore for this, since he invented the internet. And why I didn’t ask about that?!?) Anyway, Sallie McFague gave a delightful lecture on “A New Climate for Theology: God, the World, and Global Warming,” which I thoroughly recommend you go watch. It’s 62 minutes. Enjoy!

Oh and arg. In my honest and focused attempt to blog once a day for the month of December, I’ve come here four minutes too late to post. But let’s count this anyway, since where else do you get religion, origins of the internet, elevator meetings with Vice Presidents and a mention of good old Leo?