Face to face with new heroes

A long time ago (well maybe it was in 1995), I stood in line at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco to see one of my heroes, Boy George. He was doing a book signing for his autobiography, “Take it Like a Man.” He was gracious. He was beautiful. I was in awe of him, and I still am. Anyone that can celebrate life so openly, so lovingly, without any sense of self awareness, and who can be who he wants to be, well, I am delighted.

Today, I met Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is also an AMAZING man. He came from a difficult past, he has written 34 books and more importantly, this is a man who speaks a message of love. Pure and simple, has found a way to give voice to his heart, and when I read his words or hear him speak, it is as if I am hearing something that is a deep truth, a universal wisdom, something that my heart and my head knew and knows, but had not yet heard yet in this lifetime. So it’s an honor and a privilege to meet him.

Dr. Dyer is genuine and open. I gave him a huge hug (well two actually), and told him that since I’d been introduced to his work that my life had changed. I’d followed my dreams and had started leading retreats. He was gracious as well, and said thank you. He signed my journal. Which may seem like a strange thing to have someone sign. But it’s an important book to me. It started with me on my journey of retreats. It holds the words that I wrote that eventually married my dear sister and my dear brother in law when I was their officiant in April. It has my notes from Nouwen, Nietzche, Michealangelo, the Bible, for all my studying for my first weekend retreat. It is a book that holds the everyday, the sacred, the moments that have struck me, often times on public transportation. It is with me all the time, and now it has one more thing in it that makes it special and dear. Another dream realized. Another human met and more experiences lived.