eight great ways to jumpstart your creativity

Eight Great Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity and Get Unstuck

Creativity and joy are closely related. If you’re feeling stuck, and need some inspiration on how to tap into creativity – Marion Abrams of Grounded Content and I have 8 ideas for you to jumpstart your creativity and joy.

Here they are:

1. Just do the thing. Starting is the hardest part.

2. Double down on what you’ve been doing. Recommit to it. 

3. Take yourself on an “artist’s date. ” (as inspired by Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way)

4. Revisit the source of your inspiration. What started you on your creative journey? Spend time with that, and DO some of it. 

5. If you’re creating something and have data that can inform you as to what has done the best (on your blog, podcast, social media), spend some time looking at what past episodes or posts have done the best. Go back and look at what some of your favorite past work has been, and take inspiration from that.

6. Take a break or a breather.

7. What has been the favorite thing you’ve created for your show / blog / art? What did you love about it, or love about creating it? Use your past favorite work as inspiration for what comes next.

8. Go pro, as inspired by Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art.” Sometimes, you are not going to love your art or the thing you create. And, that’s when you need to go back to it and do the work.

Bonus: try “Morning Pages” as an exercise, (Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way)

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