Stasia Savasuk on Dressing for Confidence and Joy

Stasia Savasuk on Finding “Inside Out Congruency” and Wearing Our Word for 2022

Stasia Savasuk is an amazing style coach, and the super power behind Stasia’s Style School, The REVEL-You-Tion, and Wear Our Word. She helps women find “inside out congruency,” which is all about how you can do the inner work to define your values, and match those in the clothes that you choose to wear. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her leadership over the last year, and her program encourages beautiful, authentic growth that has people shining from the inside out.

On Intentional Comfort and Self-Regulation

In this interview, Stasia is sharing about how the 18 months has offered growth for her. She discovered Bell Hook’s amazing book, “All about love,” which radically changed her relationship with her husband. This mirrors the work she leads, which is all about finding the courage to define how you want to feel, and then choosing actions and words and clothes that align with that. She shares a story about self-regulation, where she felt triggered by a comment, noticed the reaction she was having, and allowed herself to lovingly pause and observe what happened. In doing this, she also noticed that it created a new way of reacting when something was triggering: She could decide how she wanted to react instead of letting her anger or triggered-ness take over the show.

In this episode, Stasia and I talk about:

– Bell Hooks’ book, “All About Love”

– Self-regulation, and how to regulate when you feel triggered

– How Stasia chooses themes for her REVEL-You-tion program

– Inside-out congruency: Who are you on the inside, and how can you reflect that on the outside?

– Becoming happy with yourself now, just as you are

– The BS of the standard cultural beliefs around what is beautiful

– Why community is important in making change

– Why self acceptance is so important and how it is life changing

– Why New Years Resolutions don’t work, and how they are just part of the problem

– Wear Our Word workshop

– Her top ways to jump start your joy: get outside


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